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How many is too many?

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 by in Quilting, Sewing | 2 comments


About a month ago, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my unfinished projects. I really didn’t even know how many I had. I decided to buy plastic totes for each project to help quantify the craziness. I bought eight. It didn’t take long to fill them up. This doesn’t even count two hand projects that I keep in the family room.


I only sorted projects with fabric actually cut up. I have more fabric that I’m anxious to cut up. Before I do that I’ve decided I need to tame this pile. Which brings up the question, how any projects is too many? For the record, eight is too many. I also know that two isn’t enough. I need options. In my head, I’m thinking perhaps 4-5 is reasonable.

So what does this mean? I need to get busy. There are quilts that I want from this pile. I’ll be really happy when they are done. So far, I’ve knocked out a couple of pillows. One charity quilt is on the road to completion. If I can complete just one more project, I can start to think about all the new fabric I want to buy and new quilt patterns I want to try.


  1. I’m with you, Rachel. I feel like my incomplete project list is way too long! I actually find it a bit prohibitive because I feel guilty a lot when I want to start something new. For me, maybe 3-4 projects in the works is enough for me to feel like I have options without making me feel overwhelmed.

    • I think my goal is to get down to 3-4 machine projects and one hand project. I’ve already decided that I’m not making any Christmas gifts this year. Instead I’ll make a few Christmas items for myself and complete a few projects. By January, I’ll be down to my project range.