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Finally! Ikea is in town

Posted on Jun 24, 2007 by in Home Improvement | 2 comments

Through the course of reading many blogs, I started to covet the wonderful stuff that can only be purchased at Ikea. I knew that my home would be organized and look just as cool as everybody else’s. Now I have my chance to make it all happen. On May 23, the Ikea in Draper, Utah opened. Yea! (loud clapping in the background) A couple weeks later, I made my first of many trips to Ikea.
So what did I buy? Just a few things. I bought a few Branäs baskets, spice jars, and a cute bamboo plant.

The bamboo went to my office to live in a sunless environment called my cube. The baskets are waiting for me to put fabric inside. (I’m not sure what is holding me back on this one.) The spice jars have been put to work.

The Ikea hacker blog inspired me to personalize my spice jars to suit my tastes. I created one of a kind labels just for the Rajtan spice jars, not a true Ikea hack, but a nice embellishment.


I’ll be honest these spice jars were not my first choice. However the price was right. With the addition of the labels, I actually like these labels even more. I’ve decided to share my work. You can download a pdf here to print your own labels.



  1. Print on full-sheet labels, like Avery 8165
  2. The circles measure 2″. I trimmed them to 1 7/8 when I cut them out. The labels fit better, and there were no white edges.

If somebody figures out how to make the top of the lids a smooth surface, please tell me. I really want to put a label on the lid. However, I need to get past the groove. I know that has to be an inexpenive way to fill-in the groove.


  1. I still need to make a road trip there myself to spiff up my studio :)

  2. Ikea is dangerous – you always come out with a box of candles (and then find another at home) and you always spend loads more than you menat to. It’s great fun though.